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RSS Scrollbox Widget

Now adding RSS feeds is simpler than ever, with the RSS Scrollbox Widget. You can have THREE TIMES the auto-updating content of the RSS Ticker Widget, with all the customizing options you need to make it fit your web page! An RSS feed or channel is an XML file that contains a group of items, usually news items or titles of articles, depending on the nature of the feed. Each item normally consists of a title, brief description, and a link to the full article. Whenever the site changes, it updates the RSS feed with information for the most recent articles so that its RSS feeds can know what's new or changed. With the RSS Scrollbox Widget, you can offer your visitors three different RSS feeds in one scrollbox, giving them a great source for information and up-to-date news from your favorite sources. RSS feeds abound, becoming very popular with most blogs, as well as prominent web sites like CNN, Yahoo!, The New York Times, and NPR, to name but a few.

Normally, to add the contents of an RSS feed to your site, you would need to know a web scripting language like PHP or PERL, but with the RSS Scrollbox Widget, all you need to do is upload a few files and paste some html code onto your page. Not only that, but it's completely customizable, so that you can tailor the widget to the look of your website. Customizing includes setting the title and its color, border style, border color, and the color of the article titles. Also, the backgrounds can be set to any color or pattern you want!

The RSS Scrollbox Widget uses the MagpieRSS library to support RSS 0.9 though 1.0, 2.0 and Atom feeds.

The RSS Scrollbox Widget costs US$35 and requires a server that has PHP 4 or greater with xml support installed. After PayPal confirms the payment, you will be emailed a zip archive that includes the RSS Scrollbox Widget and all the information you will need to set it up on your server. Click the Buy Now button to order.